Make the Pivot from classroom cyber skills to real world cyber skills.

Announcing the PIVOT Project

People who earn great jobs in cyber security have mastered both academics and hands-on skills.  But where can people with a wide variety of skill levels get hands-on practice with real-world cyber security problems?  On January 12, the PIVOT project goes live to help meet that need. PIVOT makes it possible for students and others, all over the world, to build their hands-on skills in a fun, challenging, real-world cyber environment.  PIVOT provides exciting hands-on labs and challenges for student groups and associated faculty, completely free.  Through a variety of engaging downloadable materials, participants build their hands-on skills to help them pivot from academic studies to their future cyber security careers.  

PIVOT Project Contest 

Winner's of the previous contest can be found here.

Also, we’re launching a new PIVOT contest for everyone involved with information security, especially people who are experimenters and who like to try new things.  For this contest, each participant must complete at least one PIVOT lab and then fill out our survey form about their lab experiences.  We’ll choose the two entries with the best input for the PIVOT project, and each will win a 4-month subscription to NetWars Continuous, the SANS online cyber range and challenge environment where you can build your skills and earn CPEs, valued at $2,750. 


Thank you!

--The PIVOT Project